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For a healthier and more hygienic, therefore a happier world...


Nanosilver Company is located in Istanbul, Turkey. Our company has wide range of stainless steel equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industries, airports, hotels, schools, shopping malls and grocery markets. We produce top quality hygiene solutions for your needs.


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We can develop products to meet the requirements of our customers. Our aim is to meet your needs accurately and consistently - either by drawing on our range of stock products (including optional modifications) or by engineering components to your specification. Our industrial hygiene equipment, hygiene stations and hygiene systems maintain a clean and sterile work environment, having your sanitary needs covered at every stage of the production process.

Nanosilver is a nature friendly company. We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. We strive to ensure that every aspect of our supply chain meets the exacting standards of our environmental policy.

Nanosilver Company produces its own nano silver for finding the highest technology hygiene solutions to all over the world.  The company continues its R&D studies, with Technical University partnership, to produce micron metal powders. The main future goal of our company is to produce its own raw materials of micron metal powders in 3D printers.

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